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Career Planning

  1. Engaging in relevant professions

School counselor at all levels

Community consultants and psychological, education, counseling personnel in social institutions

Psychological and counseling personnel in the judicial system

Research assistants in the fields of education and psychology

Personnel in public and private education institutions

Personnel in private counseling firms

Full-time and part-time counseling psychologists in various institutions

Employment service personnel in public and private institutions

Human resource professionals (recruitment and selection, training and development, employee relations)

Marketing and advertising personnel

  1. Advanced studies

Undergraduate course

Prepare students for studying at graduate institutes of counseling-related domains and attending the counseling psychologist examination

Potential domestic graduate institutes for students: graduate institutes in educational psychology and consultation, graduate institutes in counseling psychology and guidance, graduate institutes in psychology (in areas such as clinical psychology, business and industrial psychology, and social psychology), graduate institutes in marital and family counseling, graduate institutes in gender (education), graduate institutes in criminology, graduate institutes in measurements and statistics, graduate institutes in human resources, graduate institutes in business management, and graduate institutes in early-childhood, special, and adult education.


Postgraduate course

Prepare students for applying for related doctorate  programs in Taiwan or abroad