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Specialty and Traits

1. High instructor qualifications
Teachers are enthusiastic and possess a variety of skills in fields such as school and community counseling and consulting, clinical psychology and evaluation, and business and industrial psychology. These specialized fields are in line with contemporary trends, including positive psychology, cognitive psychology, Internet psychology, human resources, advertising and branding, play therapy, school counseling, consulting, and the development of psychological tests.
2. Comprehensive  equipment
In conjunction with classroom and practical training, this department has set up psychology labs, media psychology and behavior labs, psychology test rooms, group counseling rooms, group dynamics labs, observation rooms, individual counseling rooms, family counseling rooms, play therapy rooms, meditation and decompression rooms, expressive therapy rooms, VR labs for business and industrial psychology, and sandplay therapy rooms.
3. E mphasis on both theories and practices
In addition to basic courses on theory, this department also arranges for its students to participate in volunteer services, lectures by industry leaders, internship and visits to institutions, counseling and consultancy internships, business and industrial psychology internships, and graduation projects. To aid students in developing a diversity of skills, a presentation on achievements is held after the student completes their courses to reinforce the integration between formal training and societal needs.
4. Multiple career paths for the students to shine in
Our department’s students have repeatedly received the Ministry of Science and Technology’s College Student Research Award and were successfully accepted into their graduate program of choice through recommendations or examinations (such as those in National Taiwan Normal University’s Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling; National Central University’s Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management; Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management, National Changhua University of Education; Graduate Institute of Measurement and Statistics at the National University of Tainan; National Chung Cheng University’s Department of Criminology; and the Graduate School of Criminology, National Taipei University). Our students have also qualified as Level B technicians for employment services—some students qualified within their first year of attendance—and as counseling psychologists (with a 96% pass rate).